Where do you turn when you need help to launch proprietary new technology?

The Challenge

A Fortune 200 pharmaceutical company had developed and is planning to launch a proprietary new technology for drug dispensing and delivery. They were looking for a suitable CMO partner for this venture.

The Solution

In January 2014 the company contracted xCell Strategic Consulting to complete a comprehensive study of the contract manufacturing industry to find an appropriate partner.

To accomplish this, xCell reached out to their extensive contacts in the industry. Through a series of face-to-face meetings and industry association events, they preselected the most viable candidates. Then, through a focused search, xCell consultants identified a short list of potentially qualified and strategically aligned partner companies. Working with their client, xCell conducted a thorough technical, regulatory, engineering and quality assessment of the candidates. A shortlist of pre-qualified companies was then invited to submit formal bids.  xCell led the bid process, which included negotiating commercialization approaches and examining various capital investment models. To ensure a quality review and equal consideration for the selected candidates, additional commercial and technical meetings, as well as some site team visits, were conducted. Since the client needed to make an investment decision by the third or fourth quarter of 2014, the project was fast-tracked to be completed by midyear.

The Result

xCell Strategic Consulting delivered three qualified partner options in the highly specialized field of pharmaceutical manufacturing. Each of these options proposed acceptable time-to-market schedules and mutually beneficial commercial models.

Because of its collaboration with xCell, the client was able to effectively assess their potential outsourcing partners, understand resource commitments and put a clear decision tree in place for implementing the complex strategies required to support their business. Through this successful project, xCell Strategic Consulting has developed a more extensive understanding of the capabilities and quality of companies in the contract manufacturing arena.